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Music: Alphabet Songs

Need to spice up your alphabet lessons?

While at the Celebration of Teaching and Learning last weekend, I learned about Bashiri Johnson (founder of Bashman Productions and recording studio). He has created lots of fun educational music, including “A is for Africa,” “ABC song,” and “V is for Voice.” To get a taste of his music, check out his MySpace page.

“Step clap clap… A, B, C… Now I know my ABCs…” (from ABC song)



Rhythm Rhyme Results

I learned about Rhythm Rhyme Results at FETC. If you are looking to incorporate a bit of music into your Language Arts, Math, Science or History lessons this week, why not share some of these songs with your kids. I like the song, “Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots.”


A Jingle about Reading!

My friend Eli wrote a very cute jingle about FreeReading that is guaranteed to make you smile. Listen to it here. Thanks Eli! -Anna

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