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On Parent Participation


This month I am leading a number of digital literacy workshops for parents as part of Mom 2.0. While looking for some videos to include in my presentations, I came by this great talk on parent participation by Henry Jenkins, Director of MIT’s Comparative Media Studies Program.

Prof. Jenkins reminds us that kids grow when:

  • Given a sense of responsibility.
  • Asked to exceed their own sense of limitations.
  • Allowed to pursue their own passions and interest.

Furthermore, he states:

In the same way that parents have gone and watched badly played little league games and the off key band concerts for decades because it was important for their kids, they now need to watch kids play World of Warcraft, understand fan fiction and understand how Wikipedia works because it is important for kids. And, their accomplishments in that space is important to them and will be foundational for their sense of themselves and their sense of the future.

As educators it is important that we take time to reach out to parents and help them understand ways in which to become meaningfully involved in their children’s digital lives. Take a moment to listen to Prof. Jenkin’s 5 minute talk and to share it, along with the other Edutopia videos, with a parent near you! For additional resources to help parents get involved in helping their children learn at home, visit Next Generation Learning.

As research points out again and again, a little parent involvement can go a long way!


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UAE Education Events You Won’t Want to Miss!

The education scene in the UAE is very vibrant and in an amazing period of growth and productivity. I feel so fortunate to have an opportunity to learn from and contribute to the important education initiatives in Dubai and beyond.

For UAE educators and enthusiasts that are looking for fun and educational events to attend, here are a few to add to your calendars:

11/21/09 My Letter to President Barack Obama Book Reading and Signing Event.

  • Location: Souk Al Bahar, Dubai, 4-6pm.
  • Join children’s author Lana Dajani as she discusses her latest book, the environment and more! Illustrator Emanuela Corti will also discuss the delightful book illustrations. Download invite here.

11/22/09 Curriki on Nightline with James Piecowye.

  • Tune your UAE radio to 103.8 (or listen online here) at 8pm.
  • Learn about–a non-profit that provides free and open source curricula collaboration tools to educators across the world!

11/23/09 Empowering Teachers to Change Teaching and Learning: The Disruptive Innovation of Curricula 2.0 by Dr. Barbara Kurshan (Executive Director, Curriki)

  • Location: British University in Dubai, 10am-12:30pm.
  • Download details and invite here.

11/24/09 Mom 2.0: Blogging 101

  • Learn about blogging, how blogs can be used with children, make a blog and meet other UAE moms to boot!
  • Location: Magrudy’s Education Resource Center in Dubai, 9am-12pm.
  • Read workshop details and register here.

12/06/09 Mom 2.0: Digital Tools for Homework Help

  • Learn how to breeze through future school projects and avoid homework time stress!
  • Location: Magrudy’s Education Resource Center in Dubai, 9am-12pm.
  • Read workshop details and register here.

12/08/09 Mom 2.0: Digital Literacy and Cyber Safety: What Kids and Parents Need to Know!

  • Learn how to help your kids interact safely and productively online!
  • Location: Magrudy’s Education Resource Center in Dubai, 9am-12pm.
  • Read workshop details and register here.

Can’t wait to see UAE educators and parents at the events above!




Mom 2.0 Workshops: Making the Internet Work For Your Family!

Mom 2.0 brought to you by Bon Education and Magrudy's (Dubai, UAE)

Over the past few months I have received a number of requests and interest from mom and schools about developing education technology and digital literacy workshops for parents. Therefore, I am delighted to invite you and any UAE moms to…

Mom 2.0 by Bon Education @ the Magrudy’s Education Resource Center

Children inhabit a world in which media plays an enormous part of their social and educational landscape, the Internet, cell phones, mobile devices, Facebook, Club Penguin, Twitter and more!

Mom 2.0 is a series of workshops aimed at helping moms understand the digital knowledge and skills their children must have in order to 1) be digitally literate, 2) be responsible consumers and producers of media, 3) interact safely online and 4) realize the amazing educational potential of education technology tools!

Join other moms at the Magrudy’s Education Resource Center (Dubai) in a series of fun and collaborative workshops that will build your technology skills, teach you about free digital tools for you and your children and save time and homework stress down the road!

We welcome you to our upcoming workshops (each workshop is offered twice and runs from 9am until 12pm):

For further information and to register click here. To download our brochure click:

Mom 2.0 by Bon Education Nov and Dec Brochure

Feel free to pass Mom 2.0 information along to your UAE mom friends!



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New Media Literacies: What Parents, Educators and Students Need to Know

I am in the process of planning a number of digital literacy workshops for parents across the UAE. In preparation for this, I am gathering a number of resources that parents can read and watch to gain a better understanding of the digital knowledge and skills students must have “to deal with our culture today,” “to function in the current media environment–with the Internet, with cellphones,” to be a responsible consumers and producers of media, to interact safely online, etc.

The video above (by Project New Media Literacies, MIT) is a nice one to pass along to parents, along with the International for Society for Technology in Education National Education Technology Standards for Students–A document that clearly bullets “What students should know and be able to do to learn effectively and live productively in an increasingly digital world.”

When it comes to digital literacy, it is the collaborative responsibility of parents, educators and students to have a clear understanding of the amazing educational potential of the Internet and the associated responsibilities of being a digital citizen in the 21st century… As some might say, it takes a Digital Village!

Feel free to pass the above resources along and to share additional ones in the comments section of this post.



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