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PBS Teachers–Online education resource central!

While browsing through the Missouri Project Success Education Links, I came across the link to PBS Teachers. I love this site because it contains tons of lesson ideas, videos, online and offline activities you can do with your students to build comprehension, grammar, critical thinking and more. Searching for storytelling lessons, I found the lesson Story Magic–Telling Stories from Pictures:

Use new vocabulary and the three basic elements of a story: character, setting and plot to create and tell a story based on visual clues. Develop skills in cooperation and storytelling.

PBS Teachers is impressive! Feel free to pass this link along!



Mr. Lyons’ Kindergarten Class

During my week at the Florida Education Technology Conference, I met two very resource-savvy literacy/technology teachers. I was so excited to chat with them because they had a fantastic running list of literacy resources on the Internet. One of the resources they recommended to me was Mr. Lyons’ Kindergarten Class. I like this site because it is filled with downloadables like these word walls. Since February is coming up, why not print out Mr. Lyons’ February Word Wall for your students so that they can learn about Abraham Lincoln, groundhogs, pennies, quarters and more!

Thanks Mr Lyons.


Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators!

Yesterday while walking from my hotel to the Florida Education Technology Conference, I bumped into Kathy Schrock–creator of Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators! I’ve been a fan of her Guide for years, so as you can image I was super excited to meet her! Take a look at her recommended Literature and ELA resources! Through Kathy’s Guide, I found:

1) The Portland Public Schools Leveled Picture Books Database and The Beaverton School District Leveled Book Database

2) Professor Garfield’s Teachers’ Lounge reading fluency resources, tips and tricks

3) Read Print–a site filled with free copies of classic books for “students, teachers and the classic enthusiast”

Thanks Kathy!


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