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Writing Bugs

I always find myself scrambling in the classroom to come up with creative writing prompts on the fly.  In an attempt to overcome my horrible procrastination, I came across Writing Bugs.  Writing Bugs are short, simple, and printable writing prompts from Education World.


The prompts are organized by month.  Planning ahead for February, they have some great story starters up there such as, If you could interview any U.S. President, which one would you choose? There are also Anytime Writing Bugs, which are suitable for any time of year.


Journal time just got a lot easier in my classroom…



The Edge of the Forest

I recently found a great children’s literature website, The Edge of the Forest.  They offer interesting reviews on picture books, middle grade fiction, non fiction, young adult fiction, and graphic novels.  My favorite feature, however, is Kid Picks.  Each month, a group of kids is asked to report on what they are reading.  For January, the editors talked to 3rd and 4th graders.  Big surprise… the majority of them recommended Harry Potter!


Silly Books

Silly Books is a great new website for teachers.  All children, ages 4 through 16, are invited to “publish” their books on the website.  All writing is accepted.  As an additional motivator, each month the site turn the best story into an animated flash book!   

Welcome to where every child’s story gets published. All of our kids are authors! And every month one story is produced as an animated book, complete with voices, music and sound effects for all to enjoy. There are even cash prizes for the winning authors. is an animated world of free reading, writing and learning fun for kids. 

This site is incredibly useful in the classroom.  It motivates students to write by giving them a place to publish their books.  All kids love to see their work going somewhere.  It is also a great place for students to brainstorm different writing ideas, by seeing what kids in classrooms across the country are doing.


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