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What Pac-Man can teach educators about learning…

[tweetmeme]How do I get someone to learn something that is long and difficult and takes a lot of commitment, but get them to learn it well? -Dr. James Gee

Good question! Take a look at the Prezi below for inspiration – a beautiful narrative in both content and form by Maria Andersen! To make your own Prezi, visit!

Another great weekend of digital exploring!

Anna (@bon_education)

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Reading Strategies a la Bank Street College

Bank Street College has a nice overview of reading strategies you can teach to budding readers in order to help them become better comprehenders of text.

The section on pre-reading strategies provides guidance on how you can help children learn to:

  • predict
  • activate background knowledge
  • conduct a picture walk
  • notice text structure
  • formulate a purpose for reading

The section on during-reading strategies discusses cuing and self-monitoring systems, as well as tips for helping readers when they make mistakes as they read.

Post-reading strategies are discussed at the bottom of this page. They include:

  • conducting a retell
  • telling your favorite parts of the story
  • answering questions
  • comparing the story to another book
  • writing a new ending
  • drawing a picture
  • playing a game related to the story

Bank Street also provides examples of literacy games you can play after reading a text, as well as writing activities that build both decoding and comprehension skills.

One thing I like about all of the aforementioned Bank Street resources is that they are straightforward to follow and understand (and they don’t require much prep time!). Therefore, they are great links to share with parents, grandparents, volunteers and tutors that are interested in helping young children learn how to read.

Thanks Bank Street!


More Interactive Games

I was looking over Larry Ferlzo’s Website of the Day… and I came across I Know That. This is an interactive website for students in PreK – 6th. There are tons of games, covering both reading and math.

 I clicked on first grade games and I found Word Match. Select a specific sound to practice, such as /oo/ or r blends, and the game begins. If you don’t want to register, simply click on Maybe Later to bypass. Students are given a series of pictures to match with the correct words. The math games are great too! There is a cute series of games for reinforcing money. – Melissa

BBC Children: Word Matching Golf

The BBC has some fantastic online educational resources for children. The games for primary students are quite fun! Try a swing at Matching Word Golf! This is a fun online activity for studying synonyms. -Anna

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