Teaching educators and students to be critical consumers of the web

[tweetmeme]Recently while leading a workshop on digital citizenship and safety in Ras al Khaimah, we did an exercise where teachers had to evaluate several websites to determine the trustworthiness and validity of the sites’ information. In particular we spent a long time comparing two websites (website 1 and website 2) on Martin Luther King and discussing why website 1 is a terrible source of information and why website 2 is more reliable (based on clues like content, images, references, URLs, webmasters, etc.).

After the workshop, one of the ICT teachers in the class shared with me some of the websites she asks younger students to evaluate as part of their unit on digital citizenship and safety. Ask your students to take a look at the video above and this website on the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus. What aspects of the video and website are giveaways that the information may not be true?!



P.S. Once your students are good at evaluating website validity and trustworthiness, try this unit on Digital Image Manipulation in the Mass Media. Your students will be amazed at the amount of digital editing that goes into creating advertisements like the one below.



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