Passion Projects

[tweetmeme]Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about coaching as a strategy for teaching. Coaches must not only help people develop goals and paths to their fulfillment, but they must identify and stir the passions in those they work with so that they perform at their technical and emotional best learning naturally every step of the way.

One of the things I love about coaching teachers, students and professionals about how to use digital media to educate, engage and inspire is that I get to think about passion a lot. I ask people, “What are you so passionate about that you just have to share your thoughts with others?” They think and then I say, “Now, start blogging/podcasting/filming about it!”

As Seth Godin writes in his recent book, “What Matter Now“:

When the economy tanks, its natural to think of yourself first. You have a family to feed a mortgage to pay. Getting more appears to be the order of business. It turns out that the connected economy doesn’t respect this natural instinct. Instead, we’re rewarded for being generous. Generous with our time and money but most important generous with our art. If you make a difference, people will gravitate to you. They want to engage, to interact, to get more involved.

In the digital world, the gift I give almost always benefits more than it costs.

If you make a difference, you also make a connection. You interact with people who want to be interacted with and you make changes that people respect and yearn for.

Art can’t happen without someone who seeks to make a difference. This is your art, it’s what you do. You touch people or projects and change them for the better.

This year, you’ll find that the more you give, the more you’ll get.

How are you helping your students, colleagues and friends share their passions and art in 2010? What passion projects have you come across that you can’t help but share?

From one curious blogger to you,


Founder, Bon Education


P.S. Thanks to Dave Bill (@dcinc66) for sharing Godin’s inspiring e-book on his blog – where I originally learned about “What Matters Now”.



3 Responses to “Passion Projects”

  1. 1 kdsl March 2, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    Thanks Anna for this posting. Below has been my most memorable passion project this year. It continues to impact the classroom as we check in weekly to see how it is growing and going forward.

    During 4 weeks in January-February 2010 our Grade 4 students at GEMS World Academy were engaged in a Pay It Forward Action Project as a part of their Unit of Inquiry called Respect Ourselves, Respect the World. The central idea for this unit was “by understanding ourselves and others we can impact our world. “ They had to: Think of an idea to change our world and put it into action! The charge was to do something for 3 people, who will do something for 3 people, who will do something for 3 people. Their tasks included: explaining in-depth what they did, why, how you designed your idea, and their work had to be self assessed. Students created blogs to bring light to endangered animals, Facebook fan pages to spread appreciation, websites to move people towards universal education, and magic shows to raise money for Haiti to name a few. One of my students has the entire school creating an art piece which will be auctioned off. The funds raised will benefit sponsoring a child’s education.

    May passion continue to persist in the classroom and the world!

  2. 2 readinggal March 2, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    Rock on Kevin Simpson! Your teaching and curricula always inspires! Thank you for sharing your Pay it Forward project!


  3. 3 monika hardy June 6, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    great post.. i’m so with you..

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