Why Digital Literacy is Imperative!

[tweetmeme]Thanks to Thomas Boito for bringing the above video to my attention via a comment on my last post, “A Vision of Students Today“.

The stats in the video above will blow you and your students away and are a great starting point for a conversation about the importance of digital literacy–the ability to ask questions, research and locate information online, validate and interpret that information, and contribute meaningfully and responsibly to online conversations and content.

Thinking about Did You Know 4.0!


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1 Response to “Why Digital Literacy is Imperative!”

  1. 1 Christopher Kennedy February 6, 2010 at 10:48 pm

    Nobody is claiming that digital literacy will supercede traditional paper literacy, but we need to pay attention to what our children’s attentions are gravitating towards. I see iTouch’s and iPhones everywhere in the hands of all age groups. And are we surprised? No! There are so many fun apps for everyone. If the kids are using the devices for fun, why not give them something to read that they’ll enjoy on the same device they play on.

    Many schools are not adopting the iTouch. There are tons of great books available, many of the classics for free, so let’s embrace and encourage our students of all ages to participate and simply increase the benefits they can receive. Some of the books out there now come with text and narration in several languages, and you can mix and match the two. How fun is that! And if I get a virtual jigsaw puzzle with my early reader e-book, why should I complain?

    The internet is the encyclopedia to beat all encyclopedias. Sure, we need to be alert to where our kids are researching, but that’s really what this is all about, isn’t it? It’s about the older generations parents accepting and learning and embracing so they can continue to guide their children responsibly the way parents have done for centuries before us.


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