Participation Requested: One Click Can Make a Huge Difference!

Dear Literacy is Priceless Readers,

I am writing to request your click (or rather your vote) here.

As many of you know, I am quite involved in a number of open education projects in various countries–in a nutshell projects that provide free curricula and technology resources to teachers and students across the globe.

One of the organizations I work with is Curriki–a 75K+ member community of educators that are committed to using and sharing education ideas and resources with education stakeholders across the globe. For example, Curriki has a project that is currently providing free Arabic language math and science resources to teachers in Yemen, a project to provide free curricula to teachers across Indonesia, along with various partnerships and projects in India, Bahrain, Europe, the US, etc.

Curriki is applying to get funding from the former Google Exec Paul Buchheit to build a full K-12 free curricula that can be used by any teacher in any school district anywhere in the world. In order to be considered for funding, Curriki needs a number of people to vote here (the whole process should take 1 minute max).

To learn more about the initiative and why Curriki would like to receive funding, check out this blog post.



PS If you happen to use twitter or if you blog, feel free to retweet and/or post this:

Your vote can help fund the development of free and open curricula! Please vote here: Feel free to RT! #OER


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