Summer Tutoring

Since summer holiday is right around the corner, I suspect that many of you are getting questions from parents about summer tutoring and/or resources that students can use at home to keep up their literacy skills. Today while browsing through my Google alerts, I learned about GlobalScholar. Quoting the site’s about page: offers a unique online tutoring platform, where parents and students can safely connect with trusted educators who provide one-on-one tutoring, homework help or self-paced learning. The GlobalScholar platform also can be used by schools and school districts to enable teachers and administrators to more efficiently and effectively create, manage and align content, assessments, curriculum, standards and supplemental learning to drive educational performance.

Having come from a school system in Japan where online tutoring was quite popular, I am always interested to see how companies and school districts in the States and abroad develop online learning courses and modules for children that want to study from home. GlobalScholar certainly seems to be creating a lot of buzz!

To learn more background about the development of GlobalScholar, check out this brief article in TechCruch. You can also watch a brief video tutorial about GlobalScholar here. One nice thing about GlobalScholar is that all tutors have 4 year college degrees and teaching experience. In addition, I was pleased to see that the company does background checks for all of its tutor employees (Education World, May 2008.)

While exploring the site, also take a look at GlobalScholar’s SchoolFinder (a site that enables users to search for general information, test scores and user discussions about elementary and secondary schools around the country) and CollegeFinder (the college-focused equivalent of SchoolFinder).

Enjoy browsing through GlobalScholar!


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