Two Education Technology Events to Add to your Calendars!

I will be speaking about FreeReading and LiteracyisPriceless at the Midwest Tech Forum (Chicago) and Podcamp NYC at the end of this month. If you are interested in learning more about education technologies, blogging for teachers and using online materials for lesson planning purposes, check these events out! -Anna

Midwest Tech Forum

Brought to you by the team behind T&L magazine and the web site, Tech Forum represents “Technology & Learning in action.”

Now in its sixth season, this high-powered, one-day event provides K-12 decision makers with thought-provoking content on the hottest topics of the day in education technology.

An engaging and intimate setting, expert presentations, and plenty of networking opportunities ensure that participants leave with practical tools and key contacts for continued rich communities of practice.

Education 2.0 at Podcamp NYC 2.0

Educators know that technology is changing the way students of all ages learn and access information. Whether it’s doing online research, finding supplemental sources, or participating in social media like Club Penguin or Facebook, students have access to more information than ever. Is this information overload a good thing or a bad thing, and how can we use new media to enhance learning at all levels? How do all these tech tools fit together? How do you choose between them?

At Podcamp NYC 2.0, we want to explore how new media is transforming education, from the development of universal design in curriculum to using web-based tools to both supplement and enhance learning, to the most important element of all- enhancing the relationships between Teachers and Students.

We invite you to come present your ideas and experiences on how technology is changing what happens in the classroom , how tools can be used to enhance communication and learning, and how we can use new media to help spread the word about school reform as we all prepare to teach for the future.

Let’s face it. Mandatory education has been around in the US since the late 1800’s, yet today’s world looks nothing like it did in 1885. Compulsory education was enacted to ensure an educated workforce and population, yet the jobs available for students on graduation require radically different skills from those needed even a decade ago. How can we help teachers and schools to prepare students for a competitive, global marketplace, that makes much different demands on them than the same marketplace did on their parents?

At Podcamp NYC 2.0, we want to help you learn about the great tools out there- not just as a new, shiny gadget, but as real tools that will make the lives of students, teachers and families easier. We need to start to transform both the way students learn, and how they express their ideas in a multimedia world.

On this page, we’ll keep a list of sessions and presentations that may be of special interest to educators, and we want you to come, speak and contribute and we explore how to make learning something kids want to do, rather than something they are forced to do.


2 Responses to “Two Education Technology Events to Add to your Calendars!”

  1. 1 ripplingpond April 10, 2008 at 8:05 pm

    Hi, I’m excited to hear more about free reading. I have checked it out and have read the press about FL adopting it as part of the state curriculum but I would love to see how you incorporate it’s resources into the classroom. See you at podcamp ny. kathy shields

  2. 2 readinggal April 10, 2008 at 8:12 pm

    Thanks Kathy! See you there!

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