Using hip hop in your math and reading classrooms!

I am a huge fan of Flocabulary–a hip hop group that writes, produces and performs hip hop music to teach children and teens vocabulary, history, English and math.
Everytime I visit a school district to show teachers FreeReading, teachers go wild when they hear the music Flocabulary contributed to FreeReading. Check out the Chipmunk–a song about a dapper chipmunk named Mr. T that teaches children Tier 2 vocabulary words from books such as Chrysanthemum and Make way for Ducklings.
Recently Flocabulary produced a new song called Know Your Two’s that teaches children their 2 multiplication tables. In addition, they have developed activities that build on the song here. Since this is a new song, Alex and Blake (the founders of Flocabulary) would love to hear your thoughts and feedback! So, over the holidays, why not do a little dancing to the tune of Know Your Two’s, and send Alex and Blake your feedback here. In exchange for your feedback, Blake and Alex will send you a free copy of the completed product to use in your classrooms!
Thanks and happy holidays!

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2 Responses to “Using hip hop in your math and reading classrooms!”

  1. 1 Nancy December 27, 2007 at 12:59 pm

    I just checked it out. The math was too simplistic for my HS ESOL students, I wonder if there is any higher than the 2X tables. I really liked the US History and the vocabulary builder. I am going to send the link to some teachers and see what they think. It certainly is engaging and for students who are musical, which is just about all students, this could be a fun way to reinforce ideas that have been taught in class. Thank you for sending it to me.

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